Flavio Briatore: a man who is in love with his work and who, for this very reason, has been notching up successes year after year. Entrepreneur FlavioBriatore first entered the fashion world with Luciano Benetton. He then made his mark in Formula One where with a unique and innovative management style and an innate capacity to discover new talents, he achieved incredible results, winning 7 world championship with two teams: Benetton Formula and Renault. Today Briatore is one of the most influential figures in the sports and media worlds. Yet his success goes well beyond Formula One: In the course of the years, he co-buys and manages the historical UK football Club Queens Park Ranger's and as a pastime he creates cult night clubs and luxury resorts that represent a glamorous and exclusive lifestyle: Billionaire, Twiga Beach Club and Lion in the Sun in Kenya.

In 2005, Flavio Briatore returned to fashion with Billionaire Italian Couture, haute couture for men, strictly made in Italy, that fully expresses the spirit and style of Briatore Today "Billionairelife", is a well-established luxury brand which diversifies inhigh quality entertainment, high fashion, hotels & resorts and wellness.

Flavio Briatore

Billionaire Life

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