Briatore was born in Verzuolo near Cuneo, Italy, in the Maritime Alps, to a family of elementary school teachers.  After a high school diploma in surveying , Briatore started to work as a RAS insurance agent . In 1974 he moved to Cuneo where he worked as an Executive for CONAFI, an important subsidiary of the Italian Stock Exchange. At the same time he took up a real estate project in Sardinia: ‘Isola  Rossa’ a holiday resort complex which he sold a year later to an entrepreneur from Cuneo.  In 1975 Briatore is partner founder of Cuneo Leasing, which became the biggest leasing Company in Italy (later acquired by the De Benedetti Group). In 1977 Briatore is appointed Managing Director of paints/coatings leader Paramatti, becoming the youngest MD of an Italian Company not family-owned and on the Stock Exchange. In 1979 Briatore moved to Milan, where he worked in financial group Finanziaria Generale Italia. In the Milan years Briatore also met entrepreneur Luciano Benetton, who would later play a key role in Briatore’s career.

In the early 80s Briatore was involved in affairs related to gambling games. He received a sentence which was later annulled by an amnesty.   Finally, in 2010 Briatore obtained the rehabilitation from the Turin Court and he paid the damages to the aggrieved parties.
Flavio Briatore
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